Alaska MC

Alaska MC is an articulate, energetic, and focused vocal artist with a wealth of live and studio experience currently making his mark across the musical spectrum. He has blessed tracks from so many different producers such as the Freestylers, Pure SX, A.S. Beat, Breaking News, and now the Beat Mavericks just to name a few.

Chicago was Alaska's birthplace, and after time spent in Nassau, Bahamas, South Florida, Georgia, and London he has settled in Birmingham, Midlands UK which is a hotbed of creative urban talent and musical innovation that he is working to promote and put on an international platform. This range of influences has helped to define Alaska's appeal fusing the best elements of UK, US, and Caribbean music culture to create a fresh and inclusive vibe for the next generation of listeners and fans on the cutting edge.

In his own words..."I look forward to performing and entertaining people from all walks of life. I feel so much enjoyment working with creatives, producers, artists, dancers and organizations who want to promote having fun, dancing and feeling good! Enjoy ALLways!"