Beat Mavericks

Formed in 2004, the Beat Mavericks (Dr. Dabble & Buddah-Kai) produce mainly Breaks and Electro. "Breaks have always had a grip on me. I can't get away from the beats and the bass." states Buddah-Kai. On the other hand, Dr. Dabble (as his name implies) has too many different beats, melodies, and basslines to stay in one genre. He is always dabbling in all different styles of music while polishing his turntablist skills. With releases on Vinyl Chemistry Records, Ravesta Records, Funky Flavor Musc, Theoryon Records and massive support by DJs, Producers, & MCs around the globe they continue solidifying their place in the underground dance community.

Vinyl Chemistry Records | Ravesta Records | Funky Flavor Music | Theoryon Records | FSOB