Lima Lean

Originally from the Washington D.C. area, Lima Lean started her love affair with the microphone touring the United States as the rapper of the reggae band Carl Malcolm and The Positive Vibration. As a member she was known for bringing that hardcore edge to the band's show.
After linking up with Vinyl Chemistry Records she was featured on the Beat Mavericks tune "Shake It" from their full-length album "From the Bottom End" released in 2010 and with their help she recently collaborated with Backdraft on their single "I Wanna Rock" released on Botchit & Scarper killing the flows with Solja.
Being a lover of Hip Hop herself, she eventually started writing, recording & performing her own songs so keep on the lookout for new hotness from this versatile artist!

Check out her flows on these featured tracks:

Beat Mavericks - Shake It feat. Lima Lean
Backdraft - I Wann Rock feat. Solja & Lima Lean