Spinning records since the early 90's, this DJ has been paying his dues for awhile. He has always had an interest in music since he was young and finally decided to see how far he could take it.

Learning from some of the best engineers and producers in the music business while working as an Assistant Engineer/Engineer at the now defunct Trans-Continental Studios in Orlando, FL he was exposed to many different recording & production workflows which is the foundation of his experience. The natural progression was to become a freelance audio engineer providing recording & mixing services to any and all clients. While freelancing for other clients, he was able to work with artists such as Bizzare from D-12 & Petey Pablo recording their rhymes & flows and putting his ear on the final mixes as well.

In 2004, he launched Vinyl Chemistry Records. He states, "The label is just a way for me and all the artists signed to impress upon the masses our take on what we think is funky & phat. With our recent partnership with Symphonic Distribution, I'm proud to announce the launching of a much more streamlined avenue for all our releases on Vinyl Chemistry Records."

Buddah-Kai continues to focus his energy & creativity on producing tracks with his partner Dr. Dabble as the Beat Mavericks so watch out for all the new releases, projects and collaborations that are coming next!